Chiropractic AdjustmentWhat is Chiropractic

Today, increasing knowledge has come to a greater appreciation for natural, conservative health methods as viable alternatives. Our office attempts to provide an insight into the “holistic” (total person) concept of health care, which the chiropractic profession has championed. Doctors of chiropractic have long been proponents of the power and integrity of the body and mind to deal with stress and disease. They have long been critical of an attempt to find a synthetic and chemical “cure” for every “disease” known to mankind.

Chiropractic procedure is directed at evaluating causative factors in the biomechanical and structural derangements of the spine, which could effect the nervous system and the body’s natural defense mechanisms. It seeks to restore spinal structural integrity, which has an effect on the total health of the individual.

The chiropractic profession has been a strong motivating factor in helping to bring about an awareness of the body’s ability to adapt to its environment and the need to maintain the nervous system free from neurological irritation.

Perhaps this is your first introduction to chiropractic as a health care profession. If this is the case, we are sure that you have some questions pertaining to what chiropractic is, and how the natural approach of chiropractic may aid in relieving many health ailments. For all new patients, we will be happy to explain chiropractic’s approach to health and the application of chiropractic to your specific health problem. Your doctor of chiropractic utilizes a natural or drugless approach in helping you become a happier, healthier person. Ask him how it works!

Do I need to come for care Spinal X-Ray Analysisoften?

When care has just begun, the answer is YES – it’s important. Many of the problems patients have, have been there for years. The pain has only recently shown up in the last few days or weeks because the body could not compensate any longer. Structural problems can take years to develop, so they require time to be corrected. Intensive care initially gives us a good foundation to work with and our goal together is to get you to a less frequent care plan and eventually on supportive care. Remember, all good things require time, patience and effort.

I no longer hurt – why should I come back?

Pain is only one indication of a problem and it is, in actuality, a very minor one (not to the patient though). When the bones of your spine misalign, they create no pain. They do, however, lead to problems that do. That is why they are so serious. You may never know you have a problem unless you get yourself or family member checked. Remember, when we begin care, the first thing to disappear is the pain, but the correction remains to be taken care of. Let’s get the problem corrected so you can not only regain your lost health, but keep it restored. Have yourself checked – IT’S IMPORTANT!

Will an adjustment of the spine hurt?

No. We understand that your body’s natural defenses are present when you enter the office for care, so we try to work with your body, not fight it. We will work with you gently and slowly to ensure a comfortable transition from disease to health. This transition may create some soreness, but I will give you advice on how to reduce this problem.

What does the physical therapy do?

Physical therapy is designed to help speed up the natural healing properties of the body. The ice helps reduce swelling and helps relieve the irritated nerves, therefore, decreasing the pain. The heat speeds up the healing process by bringing more blood to the area and helps relax the supportive musculature. The electrical muscle stimulation fatigues contracted muscles to help them relax and helps pump fresh blood and nutrients to the muscles. All of this adds up to getting you better, faster.

I’m under care, what about my family?

Spinal weaknesses can be and are often inherited. We often hear of scoliosis, but many other conditions can be passed on as well. As a member of this office, you have the opportunity of having your family examined for spinal problems at no cost. We also have health passes for you to give to friends, co-workers, church members – anyone you care about. Many problems may be related to spinal distortions, so ask about them.

I’m on maintenance, how often should I come?

I recommend that most maintenance patients be seen once every 4 weeks, whether there is pain or not. After 4 weeks of sitting, standing, bending, stooping… everyone needs to be checked for problems. As we now know, these problems can be there and cause no pain, but they will eventually. When corrected early on, they are reduced quicker, and it is easier on the patient. Make the investment in your future and in your health; stay on your care plan.