Vertebral Column


C1 (Atlas)Blood supply to the head, pituitary gland, scalp, bones of the face, the brain, the inner & middle ear, the sympathetic nervous system.
C2 (Axis)Eyes, optic nerve, auditory nerve, sinuses, mastoid bones, tongue, forehead.
C3Cheeks, outer ear, face bones, teeth, trifacial nerve.
C4Nose, lips, mouth, eustachian tube, mucous membranes.
C5Vocal cords, neck glands, pharynx.
C6Neck muscles, shoulders, tonsils.
C7Thyroid gland, bursa in the shoulders, elbows.


TH1Arms from the elbows down, esophagus, trachea.
TH2Heart, including its valves & covering, coronary, arteries.
TH3Lungs, bronchial tubes, pleura, chest, breast, nipples.
TH4Gall bladder and common duct.
TH5Liver, solar plexus, blood.
TH7Pancreas, islands of Langerhans, duodenum.
TH8Spleen, diaphragm.
TH9Adrenals, or supra-renals.
TH11Kidneys, ureters.
TH12mall intestines, fallopian tubes, lymph circulation.


L1Large intestines or colon, inguinal rings.
L2Appendix, abdomen, upper leg.
L3Sex organs, ovaries or testicles, uterus, bladder.
L4Prostate gland, muscles of the lower back, sciatic nerve.
L5Lower legs, feet, toes, ankles, arches

Os sacrumHip bones, buttocks.
CoccyxRectum, anus.